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We create best-in-class technologies for Smart Vision, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Connectivity systems. These technologies are combined with software developed in-house to provide one-stop-shop solutions and integrated plug-and-play technology systems. We focus on security, flexibility, and agility at every stage of cooperation, but we also believe that our design process is a key factor in creating remarkable products.

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Head of Product Design
Martyna Wawrowska

Product design

Our Product Design Team puts the maximum effort into designing products that solve the real problems of the end users and provide business value to our customers.

Our goal is to create an outstanding user experience based on validated solutions to reduce the risk of failure and ensure that what we develop is highly tailored to our users’ needs.

Product Discovery

We are focused on continuous fast learning and validating different ideas before we start building the final solutions. We help our customers dive deep into their users’ behavior and business context to understand the products better.


We translate the insights gathered during the research phase into delightful interfaces and shape the final product features. Starting with wireframes and prototyping, we provide our customers with top-notch UI designs in the end.

Design Thinking

We facilitate a wide range of Design Thinking workshops to help our customers establish a vision and strategy for their products. By supporting the product teams, we overcome ambiguity and create user-centered solutions.

Product Strategy

To support our customers in making decisions, we help them create a high-level Product Strategy plan describing key business objectives, product vision, value proposition, and target markets.

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Head of Software
Izabela Taborowska

Software development

We develop software on all levels and platforms: from embedded to mobile and cloud. Our team includes skilled, experienced developers and talented newcomers proficient in new technologies and ideas.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and inspiring each other while focusing on teamwork and empathy.

Through cooperation with product design experts and the quality assurance team, we efficiently streamline work and deliver results to the end users.

IoT Solutions

In recent years, we have developed solid expertise in project development for IoT solutions. Our hardware team helps us deliver embedded software for the devices we build and communicate them with the cloud to ensure efficient and secure product delivery to our customers.

Mobile App Development

Our team includes native iOS and Android development specialists and experts in hybrid solutions such as Flutter or React Native. We help our clients tailor the best mobile experiences for their products with the latest technology.

Web Apps

Our team is full of ideas. We are not afraid to take on new challenges using the most up-to-date and advanced technologies. Combined with a deep understanding of current and past front-end solutions, we create feature-rich front-end applications.

Scalable Backends

We specialize in creating well-optimized backend services running on various platforms (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud). Although we are highly competent in ecosystems such as .NET or Java, we keep looking for new challenges and problems to solve. We choose the right technologies based on the type of product delivered and the customer's needs.

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Head of Embedded & QA
Robert Malczyk

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team tests our solutions to improve possible malfunctions or defects. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for our end users.

We work closely with developers to understand all the features they create so we can test cases in the development phase.

Automated tests

We work on automating our tests as much as possible, believing that automated tests have the advantage of being 100% reproducible. That way, we ensure each test execution is the same, which removes the need for manual verification of product quality.

Test scenarios

We use test scenarios containing multiple test cases with parameters. Thanks to this, we have a complete list of tests for the final checks before release. The set of ready-to-use scenarios allows us to introduce new team members to the project efficiently and helps us explain its functionalities easily.

Mobile farm

Using the local mobile farm in our automated tests makes it possible to check our applications on several platforms and operating systems such as Android & iOS locally. We can access phone screens, gather mobile logs, or manipulate mobile devices remotely.

Team cooperation

During our internal meetings, we share our knowledge with colleagues and try to solve problems together. We continue to explore new test techniques as a team, checking new frameworks and testing solutions to share them within our organization.

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Data Scientist
Jakub Małecki

AI & Machine Learning

The Data Science team mainly focuses on computer vision projects. Our team is engaged in parking lot occupancy detection as well as data analytics supporting other project teams and the research on AI-driven software for internal use.

We'd like our projects to be in tune with the MLOps approach and we will definitely invest more in cloud solutions in the future. Proof of concept initiatives is something we don't hold back from, since a PoC is often the first step towards further development. We have also done some research in the field of Natural Language Processing.

Street cabinets

We identify cabinets by their labels using Optical Character Recognition techniques. This allows for automation in quality checks on the client side and enables us to take the required actions if necessary. Using GPUs, we build separate models devoted to certain tasks and then combine them into one complete solution.

Predictive modeling/maintenance

This kind of modeling helps our clients in two ways: it helps maximize the margin when it comes to sales optimization, and it helps save a lot of money and time when it comes to predicting potential failures in the near future. A good example is SCANIA, where we built models to forecast probable issues in their trucks.


Machine Learning Operationalization is a consistent approach to addressing common problems with data science projects. MLOps strategy helps us diminish the gap between DevOps, Data Science, and Software Development. AI projects can be complex, but thanks to mature cloud providers it's much easier to deliver.

Parking Lots

Using computer vision, we build models to assess parking lot occupancy. There may be a number of different applications for such models depending on business rules. With such models we can go one step further – namely, the statistical analysis of data that may help managers to make optimal decisions.

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Wojciech Piotrowski
Cybersecurity Team Lead


We are experienced professionals and security enthusiasts whose expertise is confirmed by cybersecurity certificates. As a team, we focus on security from the beginning of product development right throughout the entire software lifecycle.

We identify threats and vulnerabilities and share knowledge about them to ensure a suitable level of awareness in the organization. As a team, we're committed to implementing innovative security solutions.


We verify the security of infrastructure and applications, including web, mobile, and IoT. We mainly conduct penetration tests based on the black box and grey box models which try to reflect the actual capabilities of a potential attacker to the greatest extent.


We perform simulations of social engineering attacks to ensure the required level of awareness among our employees and other companies. We prepare phishing campaigns targeting our customers’ employees.


Secure Software Development Lifecycle is a set of cybersecurity standards applied to the development process of software from conception to release. We implement the SSDLC for our clients and in all internal projects, so security issues can be resolved early in the design and development phase.


We explain security threats - how serious they are and how to mitigate them. We offer support in situations that require technical knowledge and experience that go beyond the daily work of specialists outside of cybersecurity.

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Marian Cwajna


We use proven standards, best practices, and innovative technologies to automate and build cyber-resilient businesses and products.


Adopting the DevOps mode breaks down barriers so that development and operations teams are no longer siloed and work more efficiently across the entire development and application lifecycle.

Automating & documenting

We automate all areas of the organization, including business continuity and contingency plans, while paying particular attention to competence certification, sharing knowledge, and building a knowledge base.


Staying ahead of potential issues is vital for continuous unhindered progress and improvement. Catching bugs and issues late slows the pipeline down. We support & monitor distributed multi-cloud and on-premises environments at every stage of development.

Team Cooperation

As a team, we work on building cross-team culture and standardization to produce software of the highest quality for the lowest cost in the shortest time possible.

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Head of Embedded & QA
Robert Malczyk

Electronics & Hardware

As a team, we deliver complex electronics, mechatronics, and industrial design solutions. We swiftly organize the supply of prototypes with the help of quality suppliers in Poland.

Our products must pass specific European norms such as Electromagnetic Compatibility and Ingress Protection because our priority is to ensure end user and client satisfaction.


During the development phase, we focus on using the best available technology that fits the product specification. Our team often refers to the best practices and how-tos gathered during many years of experience in the hardware department.


Our products pass specified stress tests according to the needs of the end user. By cooperating with other TKH Technology departments, we ensure our solutions have no tech malfunctions.


Our main priority is to deliver the safest possible products for our clients, which is why all devices must pass specific tests established by certification processes. We collaborate with many certified laboratories located in Europe.

Great design

We pay close attention to every detail of the final products and we make sure the design is in line with modern trends. Not only do our products need to work efficiently, but they also need to look professional.

Together, we create useful tech products

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