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TKH Technology is part of TKH Group – the international technology group.

Together, with our partners, we build high business value products.

From idea to implementation
Our purpose is to help companies accelerate by implementing innovations. We achieve this goal by developing ideas and creating remarkable products following the “Business eXperience Technology” (BXT) approach.

Dependable cooperation
We believe that cooperation based on relations builds mutual trust, allows for a thorough understanding, and brings exceptional results.

Exceeded expectations
By asking challenging questions we succeed in delivering results that are better than expected.

Our services
  • Product design
  • Software development
  • Quality Assurance
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps
  • Electronics & Hardware
Product design

We are a team of Product Design enthusiasts that aim to support our customers throughout the design process. From research, ideation, and UX/UI design to testing ideas and solutions, we make sure that we help our customers to bring successful products to the market.

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Software development

As a passionate team of programmers, we are constantly learning from our experiences. We enjoy working innovatively, exploring new technologies, and solving complex problems. Our goal is to help our clients turn their ideas into efficient and successful solutions.

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Quality Assurance

We ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality. While testing new features and performing regression tests, we work closely with the development team to define precise test cases that can meet the acceptance criteria.

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AI & Machine Learning

Our AI projects revolve mainly around computer vision. We build applications for object recognition that help our clients to automate the arduous and ineffective manual analysis of pictures. Instead of analyzing thousands of pictures every month, imagine an intelligent machine helping you do it. Our Data Science team builds data-driven solutions for this.

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Providing the best security services for our customers is our passion. We specialize in Web/Mobile/IoT penetration testing as well as securing our products in the SDLC cycle.

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We use proven standards, best practices, and innovative technologies to automate and build cyber-resilient businesses and products.

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Electronics & Hardware

The hardware team focuses on delivering valuable products suited to our clients' needs. During the development phase, our engineers utilize best practices and the newest technologies available.

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We're a team
of open-minded

We partner up to create useful tech products by exploring new development paths to achieve great results together.

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Our vision
Create remarkable products. Together.

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IT Consultant / Technical Engineer 

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Remote / Leszno / Katowice / Poznań / Wrocław 🏢 (monthly meetings in Leszno or Wrocław)

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B2B: 13300-20000 PLN 

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Our projects

We pay attention to the work process, information security, current trends, and we learn from many various projects we work on.


A flexible and facility-integrated smart home system.

Streda™ is all about simplicity, flexibility, and integration. The system is designed for installation inside a modular house at an early stage of production, creating a configurable home infrastructure which is easy to modify to suit changing circumstances.

After building the house from prefabricated components, the installation of electrical parts is simple. As a result, the house is intelligent and fully customizable. A cloud-based server part, mobile app, network controller, and firmware for sockets are implemented. The system provides complete service for modular houses fully equipped with teletechnical infrastructure. We believe that an all-in-one Smart Home solution helps to build and use homes in an energy-efficient and intelligent way.


SMART Passive Infrastructure Control (SPIC)

The SMART Passive Infrastructure solution (SPIC) has been designed with security as a founding principle characterized by real-time knowledge of the physical state of the cabinet, traceability of technicians accessing the cabinet, and administration system security meeting infrastructure operator standards.

This lightweight solution offers supervision and access management for cabinets. The lock and the important sensors such as tilt and temperature can be remotely checked, managed, and automated, offering operators and service employees improved reliability, efficiency, and safety. The system is easy to integrate in existing network management systems.


INX is a cloud-based system providing varied data and comparative analytics to seamlessly improve the parking journey and create an exceptional customer experience.

This includes the ability to stream data into platforms in real time — to view it immediately via a customized dashboard, reports and analysis — and to effectively respond in the moment.

The intuitive design of INX provides detailed information about how the garage is functioning and how customers are engaging with the facility. The platform grants users complete control of their parking guidance system and their garage by maximizing operational efficiencies and enabling constant communication between the system, operators and parkers.

ViePro system

We developed the ViePro system to handle alarms generated by clients at home or in hospital.

The system makes it possible to connect nurses with patients via audio and video streams using mobile or desktop applications. We implement a server part with docker and Kubernetes. The system provides integration with the legacy VPGC stack - care center.

We also implement integrations with several types of devices such as care devices, cameras, intercoms, motion detectors, door and window sensors, and more. We believe that the scenario-based analysis of collected events smartly generates alarms and supports caretakers in the provision of healthcare.